Job Search

A carefully prepared and well-presented CV is the most important device you can use in a search for employment. If your CV is informative and interesting to read, it will open doors for you. The content of your own CV should be used by most recruitment consultancies without alteration.

  • Your curriculum vita is not an autobiography.
  • Make a CV relevant for the application. Have an adaptable CV to amplify your appropriate core skills to the role.
  • Build your CV using your career history whilst highlighting core skills.
  • Your CV is a ‘value proposal’ to demonstrate how you can add value to the employer.
  • Seek out advice on your CV and be prepared to take critique (don’t be protective) – your CV is a ‘means to an end’.
  • Never add anything in a CV that you are not prepared to demonstrate or elaborate on.
  • Stick to the facts – not opinions.
  • Include testimonials on your CV. This is particularly relevant in candidates, such as described earlier, who have come from a management environment where delivery was key.
  • A CV has one purpose in its lifetime – to achieve an interview.